February 06, 2023

Kabul administration’s hostility towards the religious schools and scholars:

Kabul administration’s hostility towards the religious schools and scholars:

The attacks on the graduation ceremony of Huffaz (Quran memorizers) and the widespread casualties to students and religious scholars in Kunduz province are the clear evidences of the Kabul regime’s hostility towards the religious rites. The Kabul regime has destroyed many schools and mosques in different provinces of the country, martyred and detained religious scholars and students and threatened them in various ways.

With the beginning of American invasion in Afghanistan, attacks on madrassas (religious schools), mosques, religious scholars, students and even the followers of religious studies increased as thousands of scholars and students were martyred, tortured, detained and threatened purely for teaching and learning religious studies.

After Ashraf Ghani joined the Arg, the number of attacks on religious sites and figures especially madrassas and religious scholars proliferated. The latest example of which is the tragic incident that resulted in the widespread massacres in Dasht-e-Archi district’s Hashimiya Madrassa, Kunduz province.

In addition to the military attacks, propaganda efforts also increased with the arrival of Ashraf Ghani. Atmar, the National Security adviser to Ashraf Ghani, while his visit to India called Madrassas the nests of terrorism and has asked international assistance in eliminating them. Ghani and Atmar have started and are funding specific newspapers and websites working against religious scholars, seminaries and Islamic culture. They have rented some high profile journalists and writers to ridicule and diminish the role of religious values and religious scholars.

The Dasht-e-Archi tragedy which resulted in the killing and wounding of hundreds of scholars, students, huffaz, and common Muslims has unveiled the bigoted face of the enemy, though the invaders and their internal mercenaries proclaim that they are not hostile towards the education, scholars, students, madrassas, and mosques but are only fighting against the terrorism, nevertheless, the enemy has constantly proved its hostility against religious sites and sanctums.

The Afghan nation will never allow religious leaders, schools and mosques to be targeted and destroyed, they will protect their values and religious rites, will eradicate the wicked plans of foreign and domestic enemies of religion and homeland with the support of Islamic Emirate, and will provide opportunities for the independence of the nation and establishment of an Islamic system.

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