January 28, 2023

Joint Market of 400 Shops Opens on Border with Uzbekistan

Joint Market of 400 Shops Opens on Border with Uzbekistan

KABUL, Dec. 28 – A joint market has been created with the aim of developing economic and commercial cooperation between the businessmen of Uzbakistan and Afghanistan, said Bakhtiar Roziof, head of the trade center.

The market has four thousand shops, a health center, a restaurant, and a separate area for production and logistics and the shop started their activities.

It has been said that with the completion of the work of all parts of this trade market, Afghan citizens can enter this market without a visa and stay for up to ten days.

“At least $75 million has been invested so far on this project, creating huge trade facilities for traders of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan,” said Roziof said.

Bakhtiar said the second part of the market will be open in the first three months of 2023 for traders.

The Chamber of Commerce and Investment in Afghanistan said that finding a way for Afghanistan’s products in any market is essential for the country’s economy.

“It benefits Afghanistan if its products everywhere have a good market. Efforts are underway to boost the market for the products,” said Mohammad Yonis Mohmand, head of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment in Afghanistan.

At least 10,000 Afghans are living in Uzbekistan and many of them are engaged in trade activities, according to Uzbek officials.

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