September 30, 2022

Jihadi Triumphs and the Enemy’s Ignominious Rout

Jihadi Triumphs and the Enemy’s Ignominious Rout

All across the country, Mujahideen are employing new tactics and stratagems against the foreign occupiers and their regime allies. They have seized the initiative off the enemy and bewildered them with numerous and novel manoeuvres. The enemy tries to conceal their defeats through outlandish claims but even there they often display embarrassing array of mutually contradictory and paradoxical statements, which have eroded the faith of even the staunchest government commanders.

In Kandahar’s Nesh district, the Mujahideen have conquered large enemy bases and depots. They have captured the entire district except for the district center, which is itself under siege. The enemy reinforcements sent several sorties to try and break the siege but faced with stiff resistance they fell back on their headquarters.

The enemy is facing a similar dilemma in Farah’s Farah Rud district. The Mujahideen conquered large swathes of territory. The enemy suffered heavy losses in terms of personnel and equipment. The Herat’s Army Corps made several attempts force a line of communications but failed and ultimately were forced to retreat.

Throughout the winter lull, the Mujahideen have successfully captured and held territories in Kunar, Helmand, Konduz, Baghlan, Faryab, Badghis, Laghman and Khost provinces. The enemy soldiers are either completely under siege or forced to give up their posts and flee.

The successes of the Mujahideen have exemplified that despite the numerous security agreements and the number of foreign forces, or the number of civilians killed by aerial bombardments, they can never be able to dampen the Jihadi ardor of Afghans.

The Mujahideen have shown that they alone dictate the time and place of the fighting, and can infiltrate and attack the seemingly impregnable centers of enemy operations.

The regime has lost all will to fight. They are unable to even defend their bases in the heart of Kabul. They have abandoned all the rural areas to the Mujahideen and hope to hold onto to the provincial centers alone. Yet daily hundreds of enemy forces either surrender to the Mujahideen or desert their ranks and soon this face-saving facade will be all but over.

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