January 28, 2023

Islamic system is not a vague nor abstract concept

Islamic system is not a vague nor abstract concept

Afghanistan is going through an exceptional period as foreign forces are withdrawing from our homeland under the deal signed with America and our people anxiously awaiting to at last achieve their enduring hope of establishing an Islamic system in Afghanistan as the occupation comes to an end. Just as Islamic system is a Divine command and its erection an obligation upon Muslims, it is also the collective demand of our nation to the extent that this demand was also made a clause of the agreement signed with American in Doha — that the future government of Afghanistan shall be Islamic. On these grounds, one can proclaim that the establishment of an Islamic government in Afghanistan is a forgone conclusion that has religious, national and universal backing and support.

But if on the one hand, our believing people are counting the moments towards that end then on the other, those whom oppose an Islamic system are trying to cast doubts or the proverbial ‘muddy waters to catch fish’.

A recent trending topic in a number of Kabul administration media outlets these days is that an Islamic system is a vague and abstract concept in need of much discussion and clarification, hence it is difficult to achieve in this day and age.

We must remind those whom oppose an Islamic system that Allah (SwT) has sent down his religion as a complete and inclusive charter for mankind that is capable of resolving all issues and problems faced by humankind. Islam even has clear laws for the most minute and trivial aspects of human life. Islam has very clear and transparent principles regarding political system, something considered the most vital part of social life. From an Islamic perspective, establishing an Islamic government on this earth in accordance with divine guidelines is one of the core duties of human beings. Our Islamic history is also replete with examples of rule by Islamic governments and religious books have complete transparency in this regard, clarifying all doubts about this concept.

Those individuals who declare that Islamic governance is incompatible with this epoch are in fact devoid of knowledge and information about the nature of Islam. Islam is a religion and a complete way of life that shall serve as a guide till the Day of Judgement and no other religion shall come after.

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Moreover, some two decades ago the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan practically showcased that an Islamic system is in fact compatible with modern times. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has experience running an Islamic system and believes that the chief solution to solving the Afghan quandary is the establishment of a true Islamic government. Our nation that has offered great sacrifices for this aspiration will not settle for anything else, therefore it is imperative that all internal and foreign sides accept this common aspiration of the Afghan nation and desist from further excuses and obstructions.

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