February 07, 2023

Islamic system, a national demand

Islamic system, a national demand

From the time intra-Afghan negotiations began and the Islamic Emirate echoed the call of an Islamic system as a focal point of discussions, some media outlets immediately launched concerted campaigns to try and depict this as a personal demand of a certain Jihadi movement in which the Afghan public reserves no interest.

However, the reality of the situation is that an Islamic system is not simply the demand of the Islamic Emirate but of every individual of our nation because nearly one hundred percent of the Afghan population believes in the noble religion of Islam – not only rhetorically but adhere to all rules of Islam practically. Our nation is one of the most religious and committed people to their faith that has no peer globally. We only need to glance at the recent past to understand that our valiant people once gave immense sacrifices in defense of their Islamic and religious identity against the communists and then fought American occupation above and beyond their capabilities. These great struggles and hardships were not endured for some materialistic ends, rather they were in defense of spiritual sentiments and Islamic rule.

Even if we look at the issue from an analytical perspective, every nation and intelligent community aspires for a system on the tenets and sacredness of which they believe and which they consider a model of justice, success and prosperity.

That some individuals parrot the idea that an Islamic system is dated and incompatible with current times, then they need to understand that Islam is the final religion and guide for humanity sent by the Lord Almighty. This system is not only reserved for the past and present but has the capacity to solve all problems and be implemented till the Day of Reckoning.

It is not only the Islamic Emirate and the Afghan nation that deems the establishment of an Islamic system an obligation, rather many figures present and representing the opposition at the negotiation table who had memberships in Jihadi factions a few decades earlier could perhaps remember, if they choose to dig deep enough into their memories, that an Islamic system was also a central pillar of their charter only thirty years earlier. But as the turbulent winds of time misdirected the sails of some, they must now realize that those storms have passed. It is now time for all advocates of Islam to insist upon greater religious objectives and concepts, to resuscitate their lost principles and pride and to unite with their believing people in their call which not only guarantees our worldly honor but also our everlasting bliss and success.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes that all issues of our people can only be solved with the establishment of an Islamic system. It is only the just system of Islam that can serve as the remedy able to heal the wounds of our persecuted nation, that has the ability to deliver our people from theft, oppression, expropriation, embezzlement, corruption and other ills and provide them with a peaceful and blessed living environment.

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