September 28, 2022

Islamic Emirate remains committed to dialogue and understanding

Islamic Emirate remains committed to dialogue and understanding

Even as the amalgamation process of opposition fighters with the Islamic Emirate has picked up pace across the country with over 150 districts falling under the complete control of Mujahideen and a large number of military bases along with all its weaponry, vehicles and equipment handed over, thus contributing to Mujahideen gaining further military strength and upper hand on the battlefield as well as expanding their control over more parts of the country, yet in spite of these striking developments and advances, the Islamic Emirate continues to remain committed to the process of dialogue and understanding, and believes it is better that the Afghan issue be resolved through talks.

In pursuit of this goal, the political representatives of the Islamic Emirate traveled to Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on an official visit where they held discussions with Iranian officials as well as political figures that had arrived from Kabul about peace and political roadmap. This meeting emphasized on the resumption of the negotiation process and called for a conference in the near future focusing on deliberations about mechanisms for achieving lasting peace and an Islamic system.

At the same time, another delegation of the Islamic Emirate traveled to the Russian capital Moscow because large swaths in the northern parts of the country had recently come under the control of Mujahideen and the Islamic Emirate sought to allay fears of Russia and other central Asian countries, and to assure them that no foreign country shall face any harm from Afghanistan. The representatives of the Islamic Emirate again emphasized on a political solution during their press conference and stated that Afghans must reach mutual understanding among themselves about a future Islamic government through dialogue.

As the Islamic Emirate has adopted a peaceful policy of amnesty and amalgamation that has eliminated the causes of war in large regions of the country and put an end to bloodshed, it at the same time has also proven its genuine commitment towards dialogue and understanding through its political activities. In stark contrast, all leaders of the Kabul administration are busy with drawing up military plans and issuing threats, with airstrikes on civilian areas, bellicose propaganda and curtailment free media serving as examples of their undertakings.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan should not be mistaken with a group that aspires arrogance or changes track upon gaining the military upper hand or position of strength. The Islamic Emirate sees recent advancements as increased responsibility upon its shoulders and views itself as a bigger pivotal Afghan party with an even greater responsibility of finding a way out for our nation from the current crisis in a peaceful and dignified manner so that the aspiration of a sovereign, Islamic and peaceful Afghanistan can be attained. Alas it considers dialogue and peaceful resolution an important and crucial factor.

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