December 01, 2022

Islamic Emirate Practically Proved its Commitment to Peace

Islamic Emirate Practically Proved its Commitment to Peace

During the past 17 years, the occupying forces have constantly accused Mujahideen of being war-mongers and of not wanting peace and stability. However a few days ago when the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, via a very courageous and clear open letter based on facts and realities, proposed peace and negotiations, the occupiers unfortunately once again insisted on war and bloodshed by following their war-mongering policy. Likewise in order to escape from the responsibility and without any plausible reason, they resorted to their baseless propaganda that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan does not want peace whereas the Islamic Emirate has clearly raised its voice for peace and negotiations before the entire world.

The occupiers and their sympathizers falsely presume that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan raised its voice for peace and negotiations because of weakness. Strange logic! Previously they were saying that the Islamic Emirate did neither want peace nor negotiation! Now they are saying it is weakened, is in fear of American bombardment and therefore raised voice for peace and negotiations!?

The fact is that with this unique, responsible and reasonable step, the Islamic Emirate practically proved its real and responsible position to its people and the international community and made it clear to everyone who actually wants peace and stability and who opposes it.

The occupiers and their followers must know that throughout the history, the Afghan nation has neither feared anyone nor has it bowed to any oppressor, rather has soiled the nose of every oppressor and aggressor.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes that, if the aggressors and oppressors think that with air strikes and use of force they would compel the Afghan nation to accept slavery and give up their demands, their thinking is certainly immature. Force and combat is not a solution. Last seventeen years have practically proven everything. If the occupiers continue to kill the Afghan people and destroy their country, then readily and ultimately they are going to dig their grave in this graveyard of empires with their own hands.

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