February 02, 2023

Islamic Emirate and Minority Rights

Islamic Emirate and Minority Rights

The head of Kabul administration recently announced that he would dedicate a specific day in the national calendar for Sikhs and Hindus in order to observe the rights of religious minorities in Afghanistan, and shall also inaugurate a department for research on religious minorities in the Academy of Sciences.

Ashraf Ghani has taken to this sloganeering and theatrical step as religious minorities have suffered the worst blow in the history of Afghanistan during his own tenure. Religious minorities that have complete rights in an Islamic system under the ‘Ahl ad-Dhimma’ category with guaranteed safety of life and property, spent a peaceful and confident life prior to the invasion. But not only were their lands, businesses and homes usurped during the recent two-decade occupation, but they were also systematically forced to leave the country. According to a survey, Afghanistan hosted fifteen thousand Sikhs and Hindus during the reign of Islamic Emirate, but following the American invasion and during the 13-year term of Hamid Karzai, most Sikhs and Hindus were forced to leave the country as the numbers dwindled to two thousand until the term of Ashraf Ghani. The remaining two thousand in the time of Ashraf Ghani also faced systematic genocide and were forced to leave the country with only a few dozen Hindus and Sikhs currently remaining in Afghanistan.

The above statistics prove that it is not only the believing Afghans who have suffered tremendously at the hands of the corrupt regime imposed by the occupiers, rather the religious minorities of the country have also been hammered such that has never been witnessed earlier.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in commitment to the supreme laws of Islam, considers protecting the rights of Ahl ad-Dhimma a religious obligation and fundamental responsibility. That is why people associated with religious minorities continue to live a life of dignity and assurance in areas under the control of the Islamic Emirate.

The reason why the Islamic Emirate insists upon establishment of an Islamic system and enforcement of Quranic laws is because it is only an Islamic system that can guarantee and protect the rights of all citizens, where none can transgress against the life, wealth and honor of another, and where even the followers of other religions are provided a secure life unparalleled in any other law of the world.

Our nation must not be misled by the theatrics of the stooge regime but must judge its actions. Just as the difference between the rhetoric and actions of Ashraf Ghani about minority rights is that of day and night, all his slogans are also hollow and aimed at bamboozling the people. The religious minority of Afghanistan are not in need of having a day in their name in the national calendar, rather they are in need of security so that they are not murdered in mysterious attacks by the national security, and they are in need of protection of their places of worship from being expropriated by the advisors and MPs of Ashraf Ghani.

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