September 25, 2022

Invaders destroy civilian market in Helmand

Invaders destroy civilian market in Helmand

HELMAND, Nov. 28 – According to reports, invaders arrived a market named Shaista Bazar in capital Musa Kala by airplanes for a raid overnight.

The said market was jointly established by residents of 3 districts of Sangin, Kajaki and Musa Kala of the province.

According to details, invaders have looted about 100 shops and goods laden vehicles before setting them on fire. They have also martyred a madman in the market and abducted 4 doormen of the said market.

This comes after the American invaders have announced their new strategy of savagism against innocent Afghan people.

Islamic Emirate condemns this brutal act in strongest terms and declares it as the biggest sign of invaders shameless defeat against Mujahideen in the battle field as they are continuously targeting civilians.

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