February 06, 2023

International Day of Persons with Disabilities celebrated in Zabul province

International Day of Persons with Disabilities celebrated in Zabul province

ZABUL, Dev. 05 – Kamal Ahmad, provincial head of physical health for the disabled while addressing a ceremony held in celebration of international day of persons with disabilities Physiotherapy services have been provided to 1196 men and 103 women since the beginning of the year.

The blinds have been trained with several skills and a number of volunteers were provided with information and training on disability as well as providing bicycles to 40 men and 11 women.

Mawlawi Gul Mohammad Ahmad, director of public health, said: “We are working with organizations to protect the rights of people with disabilities.” We strive to do our best for the health of the disabled.

Haji Syed Mohammad, a representative of the disabled, thanked the IEA officials for the affairs of the disabled. He said that people with disabilities are facing serious economic problems at present. Rights and privileges should be distributed to people with disabilities in a timely manner. He added that most of the disabled people have not received their dues.

Dr. Ismatullah, another representative of the disabled also praised the sacrifices of the disabled saying that relevant assistance should be provided to the disabled in a timely manner.

Mawlawi Danish, director of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs, said: “People with disabilities are alike for them, whether they are the families of soldiers of the former regime, civilians or military personnel.” The rights will be given to those who are entitled and will be registered with them. So far, 2100 families of the disabled and martyrs are registered with.

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