September 27, 2022

Indigence of nation and extravagance of officials

Indigence of nation and extravagance of officials

A steady stream of disturbing reports have recently surfaced from within the Kabul administration that serves as a microcosm of the greater betrayal, callousness, perfidy and the complete disconnect of Arg from the people. Infighting between various bodies of the Kabul administration over the annual budget has led to the leaking of shocking documents to media showcasing the wasteful spending and plunder of national treasury.

Leaked information shows that Arg officials are spending billions of Afghani (local currency) annually through specially designated channels that have no due accountability process. On top of the mega salaries of Arg officials, millions of dollars are spent on glamorous table spreads, exotic foods, vacations and other luxuries.

Arg officials are splurging in self-indulgence, excessiveness and decadence at a time when the Afghan nation is facing some of the direst economic conditions witnessed in recent times. Over half of the Afghan population is living below the poverty line, a large portion is struggling mightily to earn a daily morsel of bread, unemployment and privation has skyrocketed, streams of youth are abandoning the country to find a living elsewhere and the number of street beggars is increasing exponentially.

At the height of this national tragedy, impoverishment, hunger, indigence and destitution, Arg has transformed itself into an island of luxury and extravagance. The bleaker the days become for the people, the more noxious, numb and insensitive the Arg minority becomes. The country has completely digressed into a class system with an unsympathetic, alien and callous minority occupying power, sucking the lifeblood of people and indulging in national treasury.

At a time of national crisis, the extravagant billionaire table spreads of Arg officials is absolutely outrageous. This situation cannot be rationalized on any religious, moral or legal grounds nor can it be tolerable to any conscious mind, therefore it has become imperative that the situation be remedied.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on our compatriots and the world to look into this great injustice against our people. For how much longer will a few foreign marauders continue looting our national treasury and satisfying their extravagant lifestyles in the hour of need of our people? This situation perfectly summarizes the absolute lack of compassion and indifference of the Kabul administration officials towards the Afghan people. They remain emotionally attached to the countries from where they have come and look upon our country and people as spoils, that is why the national treasury is pillaged, transferred to foreign banks and indulged in without any sense of shame or remorse.

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