October 04, 2022

Independence – shared value and aspiration of Afghans

Independence – shared value and aspiration of Afghans

Our nation celebrated the 101st anniversary of regaining independence from British occupation a few days earlier. British colonialism which was the largest global occupation force of the 19th century began intervening in our homeland Afghanistan from the year 1839 onwards. From this day until the reclaiming of our independence in 1919, the British colonialists used all might, treasure and scheme to add our historical land to the long list of their colonies.

But our believing nation and valiant forefathers displayed unparalleled fortitude and perseverance, waged an eighty-year struggle against an international power, neutered all enemy incursions, machinations and plots and in the end, won their independence with the blessing of Jihad in the path of Allah.

Today our nation faces the exact same situation. International colonialist powers and their domestic stooges are forcing our people to part with their claims to sovereignty. They sometimes try to pressure our Mujahid nation with military strategies, bombings and terrorism and sometimes they tempt us with reconstruction, democracy, progress and other attractive slogans so that we bargain with the invaders upon our independence inherited from our forefathers.

But the invaders and individuals like Ashraf Ghani that continually invite occupiers to prolong their stay must study the history, culture and spirituality of our nation even if for once. They must understand that our nation views sovereignty as a great and non-negotiable asset and will never give up their claim to freedom and independence under any circumstance.

If our believing nation was ever going to make a deal upon our independence, they would have done so a century earlier. Today they would have traded away their identity, values and independence for materialistic progress and accepted the influence of English culture like the other colonized nations.

But our devout nation has proven that they place much greater value in spiritual principles – Islamic rule, Islamic culture, sovereignty and self-determination – over any materialistic interest because it is these exact spiritual values that are a source of human dignity and honor.

We are of the belief that independence is our religious and natural right and the shared aspiration of the entire nation. The stooges of invaders that seek to protract the occupation and invite foreign forces to prolong their stay in Afghanistan must understand that their stance is in direct conflict with the ideology and determination of our people and they shall forever be introduced to their nation and history as mere foreign puppets. Hence, they must extract themselves from this scandalous position and not turn themselves into even bigger clowns.

To end, we give glad tidings to our compatriots that the day is not far when we shall once again be the owners of complete sovereignty and Islamic rule, Allah willing.

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