September 26, 2022

In a National Government, Nation and Government Speak alike

In a National Government, Nation and Government Speak alike

By: Suleiman Saeed Ghilji

Every nation has its own national values, sanctities, or in other words “red lines”. Nations never cross their spiritual values ​​and national interests as a whole.  But, in every age and nation there are people who at the behest of strangers and in exchange for a few bucks, rise up against their own people, denigrate their spiritual values, national interests and sanctities, auction them off and instead serves foreign customs, traditions, culture and law, sometimes under the pressure of foreigners and due to weakness of the people, the less privileged people become the rulers.


Every time our country is invaded by foreigners, the same incompetent and inferior people have been imposed on us as rulers. Of course, the status of such slaves and puppets is well known in history, when they come to power, work for the culture, law and ideology of their masters, and they will inevitably degrade their spiritual values ​​and pursue the goals of their masters instead of their national interests.


When the Afghan Communists (Khalqis and Parchamis) staged a coup against Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan, martyred him and brought the Communists to power, in a very short period of time, they issued such decrees, each of which was against the religious and national values of the nation and was meant to invite infidelity, irreligion and communist ideology. And instead of their own national interests, they served the interests of the Soviet Union. Afghan communists killed, bombed and imprisoned their countrymen for not accepting the ideas of Marx and Lenin and creating obstacles to the interests of the Soviet Union.


The same was true of the secular regime of the Crusades, it consisted of all those none of whom was aware of religious and national values, and could not differentiate infidelity and Islam, their only purpose was to fill their pockets. The spiritual values ​​and sanctities of their people were of no importance to such low-caste people, so even in the previous regime, some were consciously pursuing democracy, secularism and atheism, while others were renting out their faith and had sold their conscience for a few bucks, and only to fill stomach they were unconsciously following Western slogans and working for the mercenary administration.


The former slave regimes martyred, bombed and imprisoned their countrymen because they do not accept democracy, Western culture, law and ideology and they endanger the interests of the West, whereas the Afghan people are on a global scale a pious and pure Muslim nation, they want an Islamic system and their own culture. Their religious and national values ​​are red lines and they do not accept slavery in any way, but the imposed rulers are definitely acting against these Afghan principles. For them, the opinion and interests of their master are important, so their every word and slogan is against the nation.


During the last 20 years, we witnessed the gap between the Afghan nation and the puppet administration in every aspect!  The reason was that the enforced rulers shouted against their religious and national values ​​day and night, their every word and deed aroused sensitivities and increased the hatred of the people day by day. We remember Ghani’s shouts, to soldiers saying: due to you New York and Washington are safe!” You are the guardian of democratic values and due to you, the achievements of the last 20 years are safe. While the security of New York and Washington is of no importance to the Afghan nation and no mother wants her son to be killed in defense of Washington, the Afghan nation is Muslim, wants an Islamic system and democratic values ​​are not worth even two pennies. and everyone knows what means of 20 years of achievements!  In short, governments imposed by foreigners are always against their national interests and values ​​and therefore have no roots and support in the nation. Therefore the nation speaks one thing and imposed rulers say others.  For the last 20 years, the ruling elites wanted irreligion, the Afghan people wanted Islam, for rulers interests of the West were important to them, to the Afghan people their interests were important, the rulers were working for the culture, thought and ideology of the westerners, but to the Afghan nation, its own values ​​were important.  As a result of these differences, the system eventually collapsed and was replaced by those who ascended from the people, fed by the people, have a place in the hearts of the people and share their actions and words with their people.


Now as the government is national, the rulers are pursuing their own national interests instead of the interests and ideology of foreigners. They are keeping the Islamic system strong. Instead of foreigners’ culture, they protect their culture and instead of securing Washington and New York, the Security of Kabul is just important!

It is also important to note that if the national government collapses, it will only collapse due to foreign aggression, but foreign supported and puppet governments are always fallen from within the country. It falls into the hands of the people and only last as long as their masters are with them.

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