January 28, 2023

Afghans Real Dignity is in their Homeland

Afghans Real Dignity is in their Homeland

For over forty years, our dear people have been struggling with thousands of hardships, wars, prisons and lives full of problems and disturbances, from mass migrations to drowning in waters; Disappointing displacements, demolition and destruction of all economic and social infrastructure in the country, and are experiencing a miserable state of living.

The wars of four decades have not only caused the collapse of the economic system, but also divided the ethnic groups living in this land, while the people of Afghanistan have lived next to each other for centuries and have built family relationships with each other. This practice continues until now, but the sworn enemies of this land are never willing to let Afghans live together.

The intervention of great powers and neighboring countries has led to the continuation of forty-three years of war in the country, which has resulted in destruction of economic infrastructures, weakening of social and family relationships, and dozens of other misfortunes. All elders and compatriots know that the bloody wars of the past forty-three years were not a calamity that did not befall our people and our country, from the occupation of our country by the great powers of the world to the clear intervention of our neighbors, it was nothing more than the destruction of the country.

Afghans have very much suffered casualties of the war thoroughly, as some even lost several members of their families.upon confirming it will be known millions of women lost husbands, mothers and fathers have become childless.

Now that the greatest enemy of the world and the main enemy of Afghanistan’s land and nation has been defeated in our country thanks to the blessing of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, Afghans have once again become the true owners of their country. All this has been blessed by the sacrifices and efforts of the youth and heroes of Afghanistan. who by sacrificing their sweet lives and wounding aghosh of their mothers and fathers were able to save this land from the occupation and colonialism of the invaders and the great powers of the East and the West.

Now, by the grace of Almighty Allah, our country has been freed from the occupation of America and NATO, there is no longer any excuse to leave home and village. At present, every Afghan must join hands with his nation in the reconstruction and development of his country. Let’s make our homeland prosperous and calm our people, history has proven today that the dignity that a person has in his home is not found anywhere else, so we should search for our dignity in our home.

A year and a half has just passed since the reestablishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and the US government has shamelessly blocked all the assets of the country and the nation of Afghanistan. has launched a small and large project at the country level, which can be said to be the reconstruction of the Salang tunnel, which is the economic lifeline of the Afghan nation, and reconstruction and renovation are currently underway in Kabul city in every district, if Afghanistan’s assets would have been free and in the hands of the government, for sure, much more reconstruction and renovation works would have been done, but even so, the reconstruction works are still going on in full speed across the country.

Therefore, we request all Afghans, whether they are inside the country or abroad, to contribute in the reconstruction and development of their country in order to create the unity and prosperity of their country. You will not have a place in the world, the country needs your presence. Come, use your strength and talent for the development and progress of your country, not for those who occupied Afghanistan during forty years that caused all the tragedies and migrations, and stained the honor of the nation.

Afghanistan is secure under the Islamic law and the Islamic Emirate, and that’s enough, you have to protect your honor in your homeland, just as peace is in the arms of a mother, the honor and dignity of a person is in his own homeland.

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