September 27, 2022

Humanitarian Assistance should be delivered without Political Motives

Humanitarian Assistance should be delivered without Political Motives

International surveys show most areas in Afghanistan are in the hands of the Islamic Emirate but according to our survey, the Islamic Emirate has control over more than half of Afghanistan’s soil. There are districts and areas which are liberated since 2001 and people lead their lives under the administration of the Islamic Emirate. In the past one and a half decade, when there were 100,000 invading American troops and according to the statements of the American officials, USD 783 Billion have been spent by them in Afghanistan so far but notwithstanding that they have not succeeded in taking back these areas from the Islamic Emirate. Therefore, it is a ground reality that the Islamic Emirate is an undeniable military and political force of Afghanistan under whose administration more than half of 32 million people of the country are living.

The Islamic Emirate has appointed its provincial governors, district governors, commanders, judges, heads of education, and heads of Health and…… departments for every province. They efficiently and regularly work in their concerned departments. The Afghan people praise the swift performance and transparency of the Islamic Emirate especially of the judiciary as compared to that of the Kabul Administration. They solve their legal and criminal issues at the courts of the Islamic Emirate because no corruption exists there. But unfortunately, the international community and international organizations still have not extended their assistance to the ordinary Afghans living in these areas, though they need them but resort to double standards as far as distribution of humanitarian assistance to these people is concerned. The international charity organizations, especially the Islamic charity organizations should come forward to assist ordinary Afghans in areas under the control of the Islamic Emirate after coordination with the concerned departments of the Islamic Emirate to assist in construction of orphanages, schools and supply of textbooks as well as in the treatment of tuberculoses, measles, cough, hepatitis, malnutrition and maternity-related diseases. The Islamic Emirate is committed to maintaining their security.

Moreover, journalists have showed a one-sided picture of the Afghan issue to the world and of our people during the past one and a half decade. This is a one-sided and distorted picture. They should familiarize themselves with the sufferings of more than half population of Afghanistan and inform the rest of the people about them. This is the responsibility of all impartial journalists to expose and convey to others the truth about their countrymen. Therefore, we call upon journalists to make documentary reports in coordination with the cultural commission of the Islamic Emirate about areas under the control of the Islamic Emirate. They should tell realities about the governance and daily life, demand and needs of the people and carry out their responsibility emanating from their selfless commitment towards their people.

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