October 05, 2022

High school for girls opens in Ghazni

High school for girls opens in Ghazni

GHAZNI, Mar. 25 – A high school for girls has been constructed and inaugurated in the Andar district of the Ghazni province.

Maulana Habibullah Mujahid, the director of information & culture, and Maulana Mohammad Munir Mansour, the director of education in Ghazni, and the director general of the Norwegian NGO were at the inauguration ceremony in Andar district of Ghazni province, according to the Bakhtar News Agency.

The Education Director in Ghazni thanked the Norwegian NGO for the financial support of this project at the inauguration ceremony of Nazo Anna girls ‘school in Andar district, saying “this is the first girls’ school in Andar district that has been built as a single-story.” β€œAnd there are currently 500 female students studying at school.”

Residents welcomed the construction of the girls’ school in Andar district, asking the relevant authorities to build more schools in other villages of this district.

At the same time, the Secretary General of Norway in Afghanistan said during the inauguration of the school that the NGO had been working in the health and education sector in Andar district for more than 30 years and they plan to expedite the cooperation with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the future.

According to him, 160,000 dollars have gone into the project of the school which was funded by the Norwegian NGO.

Similarly, the school bell was also rung by the Norwegian Secretary General, the Director of Education and the Director of Information & Culture of Ghazni, and the process of the new school year officially initiated in this district.

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