December 03, 2022

Helping the needy, a moral obligation

Helping the needy, a moral obligation

People of our country who badly affected from 40 years of wars and unrest so much so that they hardly find basic necessities of life are now facing the recent global crisis (COVID-19)that has caused severe economic difficulties.

During the last eighteen years usurpation, hoarding, interest, and other economic mischief of incompetent rulers have divided the residents of Afghanistan into two classes, a small minority occupying government power and economic resources having millions of dollars capital and continuously increasing their capital through exploitation and corruption and reserving it into bank accounts abroad. But the absolute majority of the urban compatriots is poor and daily wagers that hardly earn their daily living.

COVID-19 pandemic, which has blocked cities, workplaces, transport and other economic activities, also halted daily wages and the livelihood of the majority and led to the crisis of the lack of the fundamental food items and most of the helpless citizens face many problems.

On the other hand, rural areas outside of city people of the remote areas and the villages who lived on the crops of their fields, the COVID-19 crisis came while wheat and other vegetables are not yet arrived. At this time of year they mostly face food shortages due to unavailability of crops. This has paved the way for a widespread food shortage crisis, which, if left uncured, will leave many poor and destitute compatriots in dire situation.

All praise be to Allah SWT, we are an Islamic nation. The holy religion of Islam instructs us to inquire the situation of the helpless people. If our Muslim brother does not have food, we must share our food with him and be honest in helping him solve his life’s problems.

If our believing people follow the golden guidelines of Islam in these test situations, take care of the neighbors, the poor, the needy, the sick and other common Muslims, and every Muslim perform the duty of kindness and goodness to others, of course, our believing people will be able to overcome this test. Because the blessings of Allah are achieved by following the Islamic guidelines, Allah SWT will help and facilitate the believers.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which considers the service and assistance of its Muslim people as its obligation of faith and conscience, is also calling on noble countrymen to assist the needy people. Every wealthy person should assist fellow citizen of their mosque, village and city, so that no Muslim brother suffers food shortages. The countrymen should not be mistaken from lies of the corrupt officials in these emergency situations, nor should they expect the help of four and a half kilograms of wheat. The corrupt officials who are sucking the blood of this nation’s veins have no feeling or emotion to feel the pain and suffering of the poor and needy Afghans.

As the month of Ramadan approaches, this month of worship and charity gives us a message of brotherhood, sympathy and empathy, so we must not forget our neighbors and the poor.

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