October 05, 2022

Gunman sniped in Badghis, enemy hurts 4 civilian

Gunman sniped in Badghis, enemy hurts 4 civilian

BADGHIS, Apr. 27 – A hireling trooper was shot and killed on the spot in Joy Kar area of Marghab district last night.

Afternoon hours yesterday, enemy airplanes raided civilian areas in Maida Qul area of Ab Kamari district, leaving 4 villagers wounded.

In another report, an enemy convoy arriving capital Kala-e-Naw with help of invader’s airplanes was forced to retreat after being attacked by Mujahideen in Langaro area of Qadis district yesterday.

Moreover, Mujahideen have been blocked off main highways in limits of Sang Atish district for enemy since last 2 days.

Moreover, enemy claimed yesterday, martyrdom of Mula Salih Muhammad, the in charge of Islamic Emirate military operations for Qadis district, are absolutely baseless as respected Mula Salih Muhammad – May Allah safeguard him – is very much safe and are continuing his campaign against enemy in the district.

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