October 01, 2022

Grand graduation ceremony of 100 scholars held in Farah province

Grand graduation ceremony of 100 scholars held in Farah province

FARAH, Feb. 12 – The gathering ceremoney was held in the central mosque of Farah province on the occasion of the joint graduation of more than one hundred graduates from several famous religious schools of the province.

The meeting was attended by Mawlawi Khalil-ur-Rehman “Haqqani”, Minister of Refugees and Repatriation of the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations from Kabul, was present at the meeting to encourage and commend the graduates and guests from different regions, religious scholars, madrassa teachers, dignitaries, civilians, journalists and a number of youths were also present.

The distinguished guest from the capital and Minister of Refugees, Mawlawi Khalil-ur-Rehman “Haqqani” addressed the gathering.

Mawlawi Haqqani spoke about the unity between Muslims, the community and the countrymen in general and stressed on unity saying that, if there is unity, compassion and mutual respect in a community progressing of that community is imminent. But, if the hypocrisy and misfortune prevails, then hatred, enmity and selfishness will arise, honesty and brotherhood will disappear, healthy relations between the people will be destroyed by pessimism and malice.

Unfortunately, some people in our society are the masters of this ugly and disgusting idea, he added, adding that it is up to the afflicted and suffering people to come together to unite themselves, their country and their future.

Following the speeches of all the speakers, 100 graduates of these madrassas were presented with graduation certificates, certificates of appreciation, as well as a certificate of encouragement to each graduate by the Minister of Refugees along with 1000 AFN.

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