October 05, 2022

Governor of Uruzgan Province meets head of UNICEF

Governor of Uruzgan Province meets head of UNICEF

URUZGAN, Dec. 05 – Haji Dawat the governor of Uruzgan province called on UNICEF officials to extend their services to remote areas of the province, earlier today.

Haji Dawat Saib said all kinds of humanitarian and development activities can be performed in Uruzgan, adding that the Islamic Emirate will fully ensure the security and activities of all aid agencies.

In particular, he asked UNICEF to expedite the delivery of health assistance and to provide services to areas where people do not currently have access to health facilities.

The head of UNICEF, Dr. Ahmad Fawad, thanked the Governor of Uruzgan for his cooperation and providing opportunities to work in various fields while assuring implementation of other projects in health, education, clean water supply and vaccination in the province, so that all the people of the province can benefit from it.

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