December 07, 2022

General Miller’s warning, for peace or for war …!?

General Miller’s warning, for peace or for war …!?

The US and NATO Forces Commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller, told reporters alongside one of his puppet commanders, Asadullah Khalid that Taliban have stepped up their attacks and if they continue, we will respond.

There is no doubt that it might be compulsion of American generals to give false confidence to their morale-lacking internal allies. But it is also true that such statements for any purpose are not intended to bring Afghan conflict closer to a solution, but it can have an adverse effect of adding fuel to the fire.

General Miller should have conveyed his warning to those who continue trying to sabotage the historical agreement signed by Scott Miller’s leaders. The target of his warnings should be those for whom you have sacrificed thousands of troops and poured trillions of dollars, but they have squandered everything.

Scott Miller was supposed to threaten his puppet colleagues — who although had served as the frontrunners for the American occupation — for failing at implementing the American war strategy due to their incompetence, corruption, barbarity and cruelty and are now delaying and disrupting your peace strategy and the globally accepted agreement to ultimately bring you disrepute and defeat.

The American general should not obstruct the implementation of the successful agreement with the Islamic Emirate for his failed puppets.

We know that your repeated violations of the Doha Agreement, constant bombardments, operations and rocket attacks and non-release of prisoners, have earned you nothing but introduce you as violators of the peace agreement like the Kabul administration. Instead of issuing warnings, if you would have made a serious effort today to implement the Doha Agreement by releasing 5,000 prisoners from Kabul jails, you would have prevented any damage to your status and credibility and paved the way for intra-Afghan talks thus you could have departed in a way that would have earned you a relatively good reputation instead of defamation.

Using the threatening language of war in a peaceful atmosphere will benefit you not. The Mujahideen have tried to avoid the blame of the international community but they are not afraid of any warnings otherwise they would not have sacrificed for 19 years and would have shunned their struggle at Guantanamo, Bagram and Pul-e-Charkhi.

The Islamic Emirate will never agree to an irrational call for a ceasefire or decrease in operations.

Everything is legibly written in the Doha Agreement. If you had tried to abide by it, it was very likely that the two months war would have stopped earlier but instead of finding a feasible solution to the conflict, at the request of the Kabul administration or by giving them false morale, you are relying on warnings which is a failed experiment and the repetition of failed experiments is itself a failure.

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