October 07, 2022

Future Afghanistan in the hands of Afghans

Future Afghanistan in the hands of Afghans

The struggle of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is for the sovereignty and independence of Afghanistan and it is what the Afghans have been striving for since the past forty years. Our homeland has been plagued by foreign interventions and meddling by foreign powers in our internal affairs. We are all aware that the crisis began when the USSR began interfering in the internal politics of Afghanistan and subsequently occupied it but in the end they faced defeat and were humiliated so badly that the USSR collapsed and was divided into many states. Afghans have sacrificed willing over a lengthy period purely for the right to self determination so that the common people can decide their own future.

We have now seen the artificial state building of America deteriorate to the point of collapse solely because it opposes the beliefs and values of our people. Although Afghanistan has a rich and diverse population but all are in agreement that the success our shared homeland is only possible if foreigners stop meddling in our affairs and end sponsoring stooges and proxies whose vested interests lie in instability and insecurity.

As the historical peace agreement has been signed and the Islamic Emirate has shown its commitment to abiding to all clauses in the agreement, it is now the turn of the Americans to show the Afghans and the international community at large that they are sincere in upholding their end of the bargain. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will continue to oppose foreign political and military interference in Afghanistan because ensuring the sovereignty of Afghanistan is the first and foremost duty of the Mujahideen.

All Muslim Afghans believe there should be a pure Shariah-based government in Afghanistan. The only way forward for everyone is to accept what the Afghans want and stop sponsoring anti-peace elements. Instead of meddling in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, all foreign powers should instead establish diplomatic relations with Afghanistan based on mutual respect. The current regime which is anti-peace and sees its survival in the continuation of war will never be acceptable under any circumstance hence the regional consensus about peace is a welcome development and the Americans and their allies must start taking pragmatic steps by coming to terms with the prevailing ground realities.

The time has come for all to accept the fact that it is the Afghan nation and not some foreign power or their diplomatic missions that has the right of determining the future of their homeland. Further sponsorship of the criminal elements and interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan by foreign forces does not only violate the agreement but is also against the will of the common Afghans who shall continue to resist until and unless the menace is finished.

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