December 04, 2022

Freedom of speech (!) and shooting protesters

Freedom of speech (!) and shooting protesters

The invaders have imposed a strange regime upon our people. They have named this administration ‘democratic’ and anointed ‘freedom of speech’ as its key pillar. The people thought that with the blessing of this ‘freedom of speech’ they could perhaps make their grievances heard and officials would in turn resolve their issues however they were unaware that the invaders had in tandem also imported the drug of anesthesia. That is why from the day the people were given the gift of ‘freedom of speech’, the officials on that very day injected themselves with anesthesia so no matter how much the people shout, protest and turn broad day into night with screams of pain, the officials remain indifferent and fail at addressing their grievances.

There is not a single example over the past eighteen years where a protest led by the people has given the desired outcome. Those whose rights are trampled upon take to the streets, shout and scream in front of regime offices, erect tents and spend days protesting yet not a single individual hears their voice or shares their pain and, in the end, the protestors return back to their homes disappointed and their hearts filled with anger.

Due to the recurrence of this situation, the officials of the Kabul administration have developed immunity against all criticism (by the people) and no matter how many objections are raised against their corruption, oppression and misappropriation, they fail to give even a second thought to their actions. They somehow deem themselves faultless and revered – if they were to come out to bazaars the people must provide them shades yet if the people were to protest then they must be answered with bullets.

What happened over the past days in Ghor and Baraki Barak district of Logar province showed the absolute disregard and arrogance of the officials towards our defenseless people. The poor people mostly elderly and women who had gathered in Logar to collect aid were shamed and dishonored to the extent of beating and physical assault. The people protesting in the capital of Ghor for a fair distribution of aid by a foreign NGO were indiscriminately fired upon by officials resulting in the death and injury of twenty innocent civilians.

The current situation makes it vividly clear that the false era of ‘freedom of speech’ where the people protested and officials slept has come to an end as the current democratic oppression has reached a point where the right of raising one’s voice and protesting shall be dealt with shootings.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns these oppressive actions of the ruthless officials and considers it a serious crime against its honorable nation. At the same it reminds its compatriots that this is the true face of false freedom of expression. The freedom of expression and protest that does not address the pain of the people is manifold worse than suppression and is highly condemnable.

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