February 07, 2023

Freedom of Expression and Media in Afghanistan

Freedom of Expression and Media in Afghanistan

by: Jamal Ibrahim

In this short article on freedom of expression and media in Afghanistan, the purpose and aim is not to give lengthy explanation regarding the general concept of freedom of expression and media but the purpose is to explain what the regime and their backers want from media and how are they manipulating and abusing it for their agendas. This is just to show it to the extent possible and to inform our nation and everyone about the hidden and sinister goals of the regime and that what it wants to achieve in the name of freedom of expression and free media?

Freedom of expression is the freedom of thought and claiming one’s rights, and it is essential for every society and country. Freedom of expression is power and when under threat, it means all the other rights are under threat. Freedom of expression is an inalienable human right. Freedom of every human being is not only one of its most important goals but also one of the most important characteristics of existence.

In the Holy religion of Islam, freedom of expression is one of the most important rights of every Muslim. In the religious texts, there are guidelines for Muslims on their freedom of expression.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is also struggling for the right of freedom of expression of Afghans. The Islamic Emirate believes in a society in which ideas can be exchanged and people shall have the right to freely express themselves in line with religious guidelines that do not violate human and Islamic values, and that does not disrupt local customs or disrespect human values ​​in society such as blasphemy and insulting other religions.

Sadly in Afghanistan, the invaders and their local stooges have curbed the freedom of expression of people and are doing wide media manipulation for their nefarious designs. All the media organizations are under the influence or full control of foreigners and their local stooges. In Afghanistan, every person who raises his voice against oppression, corruption, cruelty and criminality of the regime in Kabul in under threat. Social media activists and people are been targeted and some have even been assassinated by the regime in Kabul and many others put in jail.

We know how media houses were paid 150 million dollars by the Americans in a country like Afghanistan where 90% people are living below  poverty line. This much money wasn’t and isn’t for freedom of expression and improving media but for paying the media so that It can be used for their agenda and to stop people from knowing the reality of the situation in the country. Sadly, over the course of the last 19 years we have seen every kind of immortality spread by the funded media under the cover of their so called freedom of expression. The order in societies in Afghanistan has been disturbed. Youth have been misled and their minds corrupted. The list of evils of the media manipulations is long.

We have seen that media doesn’t report the brutalities and atrocities of the regime and their masters and in fact they have tried there best to cover them since the past 19 years. The war crimes aren’t reported. The death and destruction of Afghanistan goes unnoticed in the paid media but when it comes to anything where Islamic and Afghan values can be criticized, no stone is left untuned and non stop propaganda occurs against the Mujahideen.

The main purpose of the so called freedom of expression of the regime and their backers is to allow the media to say only what they want them to say and no matter how unethical, unprofessional, degraded, immoral and irreligious the that may be.

As the political and military environment of Afghanistan has evolved, we are now witnessing a lot of anti peace propaganda, but in the name of freedom of expression. The paid media houses are free to do whatever they want, and no one can try to stop them. If anyone does, the so called government cracks down on them.

The media houses and journalists shall cover the facts in light of the national interests as a sacred and religious duty. The biggest responsibility of the media is impartiality and dissemination of facts. This current time is a crucial juncture in the modern history of Afghanistan. The journalists, activists and media organizations should present the true picture to the public and specially expose the anti-peace elements and show their reality the world.

The Islamic Emirate has always said and reiterated this in its stance that it stands in full support of free media and journalists in Afghanistan and will do everything possible to the best its ability to help them have access to information and support their ethical and professional work.

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