February 06, 2023

Foreigners among 8 killed in Kabul, Zaranj operations; Mujahid

Foreigners among 8 killed in Kabul, Zaranj operations; Mujahid

KABUL, Jan. 02 – Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Zabihullah Mujahid, says that yesterday, an important and dangerous network of ISIS in Kabul and Nimroz provinces who were involved in attacks on the Langan Hotel (where Chinese citizens were staying), the airport and the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul and had organized and carried out attacks on some other targets, and were planing to attack other important targets, as well as involved in transferring foreign Daesh fighters to Afghanistan from abroad came under complex and well planned operations of security forces.

He adds that during the operation, three hideouts were targeted (in Shahdai Salehin and Qalacha areas of the 8th police district of Kabul city and a hideout in Zaranj, the center of Nimroz province).

Mr. Mujahid says, as a result of the operation, three shelters were destroyed, 8 ISIS members were killed, many light weapons, hand grenades, mines, explosive vests and explosive materials were recovered, 7 ISIS members were arrested alive and a number of suspects have also been detained for questioning.
Foreign Daesh members were also among the dead he added.

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