February 02, 2023

Acting Foreign Minister Meets UNSG Delegation

Acting Foreign Minister Meets UNSG Delegation

Deputy UNSG Amina Mohammed heading a delegation called on Foreign Minister of the IEA, Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi, today, said Abdul Qahar Balkhi, the spoksman of foregin ministry.


Welcoming the UN delegation, FM Muttaqi expressed hope that the delegation would portray Afghanistan’s true picture to the international community.

Ms Amina Mohammed said her visit to Kabul aimed at witnessing the situation up close & delivering the international community’s message to the Afghan government.

FM Muttaqi said we faced numerous issues in the beginning, however, most have fortunately been addressed; narcotics cultivation has dropped to zero, security has been ensured, & schools have been opened for nearly 10 million students.

Mr, Muttaqi added that women are engaged in educational & health sectors in significant numbers whereas those who used to work in government offices are paid salaries at home; the number of female inmates has reduced considerably broad facilities have been provided in the business sector. Also, thousands of addicts are being treated in 83 therapy centers. Therefore, all these efforts require necessary cooperation by the international community.

Minister Muttaqi also said that non-recognition of the Afghan government, travel bans on Afghan authorities & restrictions on the banking system have led to numerous problems for the Afghan people that require positive steps by the international community to address them.

To end, Ms. Mohammed thanked FM Muttaqi for comments, expressing hope for further progress & cooperation to address the existing challenges. She pledged to convey the realities as witnessed to the international community, taking firm steps for continued assistance to Afghanistan.

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