December 10, 2022

Fighting in progress 100 meters from governor’s compound

Fighting in progress 100 meters from governor’s compound

KUNDUZ, Oct. 4 – Al-Emarah News said the Islamic Emirate’s combatants launched their offensives early Monday morning, advancing on Kunduz city from four directions, Bandar-e-Kabul, Bagh-e-Shirkat, Imam Sahib and Bandar-e-Khanabad, sparking off deadliest fighting that continued into the evening hours of Monday.

As per reports, tens of enemy joint personnel consisting of army, police and local militia whose death bodies remained in the battlefield had been killed with dozens of them fatally wounded.

Scores of enemy military tanks and vehicles were destroyed in both direct shooting attacks and in IED blasts, whereas Mujahideen fighters seized from the enemy various kinds of arms and ammunition.

Likewise, a dozen of the joint enemy troops surrendered themselves to Mujahideen with their weapons.

Having breached the enemy defensive belts, Mujahideen moved into Kunduz city in the afternoon hours of the day and took over almost all the enemy military installations and government buildings in addition to the main city square on the top of which Mujahideen raised their white flag with Holy Kalam written on it, forcing the enemy to retreat with fatal losses.

The fighting was well underway with Mujahideen continuing making progress and advancing into every part of the city and towards Bala Hisar Fort and governor house.

Fresh reports coming in of the operation said the fighting raged once again early this morning with Mujahideen intensifying their attacks close to city’s police headquarters, governor’s compound.

Fierce fighting is in progress 100 meters away from the governor house and police headquarters, forcing all the top-level officials including governor to flee towards the airfield to be flown out of Kunduz.

Similarly, the enemy suffered heavy casualties in the second battle and a combat post fell to Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate.


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