Allah the Exalted has made the system of the world with means. One thing is the cause of existence for another. Allah the Almighty is able to make plants and crops flourish without water and seeds. But since the Almighty created the world and it’s system with means so he gave man the power to […]

Allah the Exalted has made the system of the world with means. One thing is the cause of existence for another. Allah the Almighty is able to make plants and crops flourish without water and seeds. But since the Almighty created the world and it’s system with means so he gave man the power to move, to sow in soil, then to water it and then to rely on Almighty so that his action can cause the crop to germinate. There is a cause for the existence of everything in the world, only if Allah is willing.

In fact, worldly means and reliance on Allah are like two sides of a scale. If the balance remains equal, the result will be positive. If one side is heavier than the other, the result will be negative. The use of means is as necessary as reliance on Allah. The Holy Qur’an tells us that the reason for the dispersal of Muslims at the beginning of the battle of Hunain was that some Muslims relied only on worldly means and the result of which was negative. The Prophet’s migration reveals a comprehensive approach about means and reliance for Muslims. During his migration from Mecca, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used all possible means. He took Abu Bakr Siddiq as his companion for the journey, he avoided the public road to Madinah, and left his companion Ali in his place, and received information about the road from Abdullah ibn Ariqat, he received necessary items for his journey from Bibi Asma (may Allah be pleased with her) and ordered Amir ibn Fahira to erase their footprints with his flock of sheep. After all this, he relied on Allah and said to his companion in a difficult situation:

‎لاتحزن ان الله معنا

{Don’t be sad, Allah is with us}

At- Tawbah 9:40

The fact that means play an important role in achieving goals at the same time Guidance and correction also depend largely on the means available. It has rarely happened that guidance and correction are achieved without any means. Allah, glory unto Him, is able to guide His servants without any reason and to guide them to the right path, as He did to Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) from his childhood. He was made understood and had this sense since his childhood that his father and people were all wrong, that the things they worshiped were not gods that the original creator and god was another one, but there are very few incidents in which humans received guidance without means. Allah the Exalted has set the rules for sending prophets and holy books for guidance in this world. They have been used as a means of guidance, the language of the prophets has been used as a means of guidance for the human beings and it has been a source of guidance for human beings.

In the same way, one person has been made as mean to lead another person to the right path or leave him astray. So, one should not think that there is no need for actions and efforts, and it is wrong to think that if Almighty’s determination is to make someone a good person Almighty will do it and that one does not need to aim for anything. This is a mistake; if it was not then there was no need to send prophets or books.

One of the most important causes of human success and failure in the world is human feeling. Feeling is one of the greatest blessings of Allah the Almighty. In fact, this blessing is given to all human beings. Some human beings have a sense of alertness and awakened feelings but the feelings of some people are covered with the veil of negligence due to love for worldly things, selfish desires, comfortable life and other such reasons and they fall asleep in the veil of negligence. When a person’s feeling is awake, man can enjoy many virtues, because feeling is a force that makes heartless people brave and weak ones becomes stronger. Awakened feeling reminds believers of their religious and human responsibilities and duties and it brings sympathy for the poor, the oppressed, the widows, the orphans and the captives and evokes compassion in the hearts and minds of the people and they feel encouragement. On the other hand, awakened feeling, sows the seeds of hatred and animosity in the heart of man against tyrants, oppressors, transgressors, immoral, etc., and turns the dead ashes of revenge into a burning fire, and makes one compelled to take action. When the feelings are awake, man is free from all material means and is ready to face any powerful force with empty hands, is not afraid of death and does not bow his head in submission to any superpower, the body might be enslaved and made captive while bound in chains, but the feelings can’t be bounded by anyone.
Like a poet says that:

The hands can be tied, but the feelings can’t be tied by anyone
A living conscience cannot be killed by anyone in one’s heart

I can’t understand how Almighty has given the unseen power that no one can stop. When the veil of ignorance is spread over a person’s feelings and he falls asleep in ignorance, then man is deprived of many worldly deeds and the hereafter. Such a person doesn’t have defiance and pride and doesn’t care about the weak, the poor, the miserable, the widows, the orphans, as well as others in need of mercy and compassion. In such a situation everything is limited to one’s own self, one does not grieve over anyone’s pain and one does not care about one’s pain, like a poet says that:

How will someone feel the tears of others?
When one has not cried all his life

To sum it up, the most important thing for human success is the awakening of the feeling. Because man knows himself by the awakening of his feelings, when one knows himself, he knows the world, knowing the world is based on knowing oneself, he who does not know himself, how will he know the world? So after knowing oneself, man focuses on the deeds for which he was created. In view of the above, it can be said that the awakening of the feelings is the cause of success and the failure is due negligence in feelings and since the world is dependent on the means, one awakened human being can cause the awakening of the feelings of another. The elders in particular can carry out this task very well, and it is their responsibility and obligation to keep the feelings of subordinates awake. The youth follow the elders and the elders are the cause of the guidance or misguidance of the youth, so the elders need to first of all wisely awaken the feelings of their subordinates, give them the direction in the struggle. Preaching and Counseling can be used and also legitimate anger and other useful ways.

The youth should be made aware of their religious and human duties and they should pay attention to them. They should be reminded of their human dignity. They shall be told the message that you are the noblest of creatures, you are a Muslim and you should not act like a beast or a transgressor. They shall be told that you were created for worship and you have neglected that and are running after worldly gains and this kind and similar to this kind of messages can awaken the feelings of a person if he has little wisdom and that person will repent from his bad deeds and will feel guilt. Such a person leaves the desert of misguidance and tries to enter the Garden of Guidance. His brother advising him becomes a guide for him and he is blessed with great happiness and has relief. But it is not useful to do it only once, it has to be done consistent. If one sees one’s relatives and subordinates in a state of negligence and still does not advise and guide them, and only pray and remain silent, it means one failed in his duty and is responsible for negligence and will be questioned.
You might have understood now.