December 05, 2022

Fabrications and propaganda of Kabul regime

Fabrications and propaganda of Kabul regime

by: Muhammad Jalal

In the run up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq and in order to boost support for military actions, Americans forged stories about plastic shredder or wood chippers into which Saddam fed opponents of his rule. The story appeared in major news outlets in the US, attracting worldwide attention, with titles such as “see men shredded, then say you don’t back war”. A year later, it was determined that such a machine never existed. Alongside leaving a legacy of brutality and killings, American invasion has also imparted Kabul administration with a culture of atrocious propaganda.

In past few weeks, fake statements, fake videos, footage of Daesh militias and fake threat letters are being circulated on social media and even physically distributed in the areas recently liberate by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Among many, one of the most shocking propaganda was the ill-founded claim orchestrated by the Kabul regime about forceful marriage of women in the northern parts of the country with fake letters distributed by Kabul administration and publicized through its paid social media activists.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan categorically denied such baseless claims. To the contrary, the Mujahidin in the recently liberated areas have called on locals to come forward with any kind of complaints, from land disputes, family violence to physical assault, and in one instance in Faryab, the officials also received a complaint from the spouse of a regime official. Afghan people trust the Mujahidin in providing them with safety and security. The entire nation was witness to the safe and secure environment which the Islamic Emirate provided after the war between warlords broke out in the 1990s, it was the Islamic Emirate that protected women from warlords, mafia, Gelam Jam fighters and organized criminals, many of whom still occupying high-ranking positions in the US-installed administration.

The stories of Macroyan are in our living memories, when women had no security even inside their houses, when warlords killed pregnant women and kidnaped the young from the housing complexes, many of whom were never to be seen again, with many others jumping out of four storey buildings in fear of rape. It was the Islamic Emirate which saved every woman around the country from such atrocities and a recent official statement by the spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again reassured Afghans that neither has there been any ill-treatment of women in recently liberated areas, nor is anyone allowed to do so.

In addition, as the decaying Kabul administration saw humiliating defeats across the country and thousands of its soldiers defected, the regime began publishing fake news about casualties of the Mujahidin in order to boost the morale of its soldiers and shared photos of Mujahidin who were martyred in the US and NATO bombardments years earlier as proof of their claims, only to see such propaganda and fabricated materials be exposed for what they were.

The reality is that the regime is terrified by the welcome the Mujahidin are receiving in they liberated areas, in many instances with flowers and sacrificial of animals. Unashamedly, Kabul regime is maneuvering a nasty game with our beloved people’s sentiments and emotions with fake news about restrictions and attacks against civilians specially women. The corrupt officials of Kabul regime, who have stolen billions of aid money, fear losing their power and thus have resorted to atrocious propaganda to distract common thinking and to cover up their compounding failures.

It is important for media and social activists to not be deceived by regime propaganda. The Islamic Emirate has official media outlets, spokesperson, and organized official channels of communicating with people and the media. Throughout the years, the Islamic Emirate has constantly asked reporters, human rights activists, and the public to not fall victim to the regime propaganda. The Islamic Emirate has always provided accurate information and has responded to every query and clarification through its official media outlets. Any material published and disseminated other than the official media outlet should be ignored.

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