January 30, 2023

Extension of Ghazni-Kandahar 220 kV Power Line Commences

Extension of Ghazni-Kandahar 220 kV Power Line Commences

GHAZNI, Jan. 03 – The leadership of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan aims to finance and complete 220 kV project which brings imported electricity to the Ghazni, Zabul, and Kandahar provinces, said Da afghanistan Breshna Sherkat in a statement.

As per the direction of IEA leadership, DABS has commenced the remaining part of the Ghazni-Kandahar 220 kV Transmission Line.

Before the practical work, the area has been cleared by Ghazbi Breshna and the “Halo Trust” mine clearance teams.

In the first stage, landmines and other explosives will be removed from the area and the erection of 120 towers foundation will be started.

Before the extension of the 220 kV Transmission Line, the downstream area will be cleaned up by DRC Organization.


It’s worth mentioning that before the take over Ghazni-Kandahar 220 kV Transmission Line Project was being funded by USAID.


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