November 26, 2022

Explanations Regarding Contracts with Russia

Explanations Regarding Contracts with Russia

Considering dire economic situation, poverty and high prices of raw materials in the country, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate decided to search for quality and cheap sources of raw materials for domestic consumption. Therefore a team consisting of relevant departments led by the Minister of Industry and Trade traveled to Russia in the month of Cancer 1401.

Following negotiations with Russia, they managed to sign various contracts for purchase of raw materials such as wheat and petroleum products for period of one year and is planned to enter the Afghan markets in the next few weeks as a test case for the imported raw materials including this contract.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan hopes that the extensive business relations it has with all its business partners and close cooperation with the private sector, the economic problems of the people will be addressed, the price level in the market will decrease and the price of raw materials in the market will be in accordance with to the economic ability of the people.

Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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