February 07, 2023

Expired medicines, food items disposed in Paktika

Expired medicines, food items disposed in Paktika

PAKTIKA, Dec. 29 -Paktika Provincial Directorate of Industry and Trade Commission for Prevention of Outdated Foods visited the shops of Sarubi, Barmal and Shekin Districts and collected around 9 tons of outdate medicines food and non-food items and disposed it safely.

According to Mullah Khan Hussain Haidar, as officer at the said department told media that the commission for the prevention of outdate food products is monitoring all districts of the province and any outdate food and non- food items will be collected and burned.

Recently, the commission had carried out monitoring several times in the central Sharna, Matakhan, Yusuf Khel and Argon districts, he added.

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