September 28, 2022

Envisaging civil war in Afghanistan is fallacious

Envisaging civil war in Afghanistan is fallacious

Nearly all foreign media and analysts over the past several months envisaged years of civil strife following the departure of foreign occupying forces from Afghanistan, ultimately mutating into a deadly civil war and a battleground of regional and international proxy competition.

These analysts imagined that perhaps the political acuity of the Afghans is so dense that they will give precedence to their differences promoted by malign foreigners over their homogeneity, or they will fall victim to the two-decade propaganda of the occupiers aimed at dividing the nation by accentuating their ethnic, regional and linguistic differences for which they had worked so tirelessly and invested heavily for years on end.

However, the past few weeks have demonstrated that the two main parties to the Afghan conflict – the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate and forces loyal to the Kabul administration – have been embracing one another like brothers. We are seeing large groups of forces trained by the invaders defecting, laying down their weapons, renouncing their ties and being warmly welcomed by the Islamic Emirate on a daily basis.

The enemies of Afghanistan thought that they would cultivate and spend on these troops for twenty years, train them in protecting their colonial interests and when the time is ripe for the invaders to leave, their mercenaries would fight their proxy battles.

But their estimations, in practice, have proven themselves wrong as large number of forces fighting in the ranks of the Kabul administration have chosen the path of peace and amalgamation for a better tomorrow over pursuing foreign wars. The centers of over 120 districts as well as hundreds of military outposts and bases along with all its military hardware and weaponry was handed over to the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate – aiding the establishment of comprehensive peace in all these regions over prolongation of war.

The enemies of Afghanistan and those fantasizing about perpetuating the conflict in our country must closely study this situation and thoroughly examine video reports of amalgamation by troopers to see how organic they are and how they capture the spirit of reconciliation, sincerity and fraternal bonds. With it they will understand that the Afghan nation is not fractured where they can recruit the diverse ethnicities for their interests, rather the Afghan nation is united and has no intention of fighting the battles of invaders following the end of occupation.

On this basis we can conclude that the thought of Afghanistan transforming into a proxy battleground or spiraling into a civil war after the occupation is an idea so crude that it is completely disconnected from the prevailing realities. Just as Afghanistan cannot be disintegrated and has stood the test of time, its people too are bound by common values so strong that none can tear them apart. Therefore, all foreign and internal parties must accept a peaceful and united Afghanistan as a reality instead of plotting schemes to perpetuate the war.

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