September 25, 2022

Enemy is compensating their defeat with atrocities

Enemy is compensating their defeat with atrocities

Nearly a week ago Mujahideen announced their annual offensive operations called Al-Khandaq. Simultaneously, they increased the number of attacks manifold against the enemy which consequently has proven a bloody period for the foreigners and especially their domestic forces. They have sustained heavy losses of life and material, lost control of many areas and their key commanders were killed in the guerrilla and various tactical attacks of Mujahideen whereas the Mujahideen have avoided harm as they overpowered the enemy with their special tactics.

The American invaders had very proudly decided after the announcement of Trump’s new war strategy that they will defeat Mujahideen by force, brutality and intense bombardment and the Kabul puppet administration also was delighted and confident that their masters would do everything however contrary to their expectations, rather than defeating Mujahideen, they thrown their puppets into traps.

So in order to avoid public humiliation they are advertising the enhancement of operations and resorting to massacring the general public and destroying their livelihoods.

The previous day internal stooges with their foreign masters killed and wounded 23 worshipers while they were offering Maghrib prayer in a mosque in Babaji area, near the capital of Helmand province Lashkar Gah city. To justify their crime their began propagating that the Taliban were also present among the worshipers.

In this indiscriminately brutal attack of the enemy, 8 worshipers were martyred, 15 were injured and several others were buried alive under rubble with some of them later found dead and others are in critical conditions.

The crime has been carried out at such a period as the American invaders have committed so many other similar violations out of frustration. The Kunduz incident was witnessed by the entire world although the unheard incidents are yet to gain any traction in the media. The demolition of Madrassas, mosques, people’s houses, other religious sanctuaries, the destruction of private properties and the civilians massacre have become their favorite hobbies.

This terror of American occupation and their protectorate stooges shows that they have lost all initiative and are defeated by Mujahideen. Now they want to compensate their defeat with such horrors and take revenge from the defenseless civilians, which undoubtedly is an unforgivable crime against humanity.

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