October 02, 2022

Enemy installations come under attacks in country’s east

Enemy installations come under attacks in country’s east

KUNAR, Apr. 24 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate raided two posts belonging to local militia in Manawara district of Kunar province early Monday, causing the enemy heavy toll.

On Sunday, 5 of the enemy posts came under Mujahideen attacks in Surkani district of the province, sparking off daylong fighting that inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.

Similarly, one puppet was killed when Mujahideen attacked a checkpoint in Surkani district of this province on Sunday night, while a puppet was killed when Mujahideen pounded an enemy post with heavy weapons in Asmar district of the province on Saturday.

In a similar attack, Mujahideen an enemy post in Dankam district of the said province, but it gave no casualty details.

On Sunday, heavy fighting raged in As’ad Abad city, the provincial capital of Kunar province but it is unclear how many enemy soldiers suffered casualties in the fighting.


Puppet killed, cheapest attacked NURISTAN, Apr. 24  – A puppet was shot and killed in a sniper attack in Kamdish district Nooristan  province on Sunday.

Early Monday, a number of the enemy soldiers suffered casualties after Mujahideen attacked an enemy post in Shigal district of the neighboring province, Kunar.


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