January 28, 2023

Enemy detains 9 civilians; leaves 8 others martyred, 6 injured 

Enemy detains 9 civilians; leaves 8 others martyred, 6 injured 

NANGARHAR, Mar. 18 – The savage enemy left 5 innocent civilians martyred in cold blood amid a raid in Ghani Khel district of eastern Nangarhar province early Saturday while abducting 3 more from their homes.

This came after 6 puppets including a commander suffered casualties in a clash with Mujahideen in the said district.

In a similar episode, the joint enemy raided a Madrasa (an institute of the Islamic education) in Khogyani district of this province last night and mercilessly martyred 5 students who were Hufaz and 1 teacher, while looting cash and jewelry and valuables from the civilians during the raid on the houses belonging to the villagers.

Likewise, the combined U.S aggressors and their puppets left 1 civilian martyred and 1 injured amid a nighttime raid in Gomal district of Paktika province last night. Later, the enemy abducted 3 civilians from their homes.

In a report from Logar province, the joint enemy brutally martyred 1 civilian and picked 3 more from their homes during a nighttime raid in Baraki Barak district of Logar province last night.

Also Saturday, the enemy in Chak district, Wardak province burst in on a clinic following a bomb attack in which a puppet had been wounded and resorted to beating up the a number of the defenseless civilians trying to get medicine or medical assistance in the clinic.

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