September 28, 2022

Enemy detains 12 civilians amid nighttime aggression

Enemy detains 12 civilians amid nighttime aggression

 KHOST, June 12 – The combined U.S invaders and their puppets raided the civilian homes in Sabri district of Khost province last night and abducted 7 innocent civilians from their houses. The enemy also destroyed 2 vehicles and 2 motorbikes belonging to the villagers.

Later, Mujahideen counterattacked the enemy raid and repelled them with losses.

In the province’s Qalandar district, Mujahideen attacked an enemy post late Tuesday but there is no information on the enemy casualty toll.

In a similar aggression, the joint enemy picked up 5 innocent villagers from their home during a nighttime raid in Chamtal district of northern Balkh province last night.

The enemy also resorted to violence and beat up the defenseless villagers mercilessly.

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