December 03, 2022

End of Occupation and Fruits of Jihad

End of Occupation and Fruits of Jihad

After a twenty-year exceptional, proud and epoch-making struggle, our believing Mujahid nation is finally witnessing the twilight moments of occupation. The ongoing evacuation of Bagram airbase and foreign troop withdrawal process is not some random event on the cosmic timeline, rather behind it lies a dignified tale of Jihad, extraordinary sacrifice, valor, epics and remarkable resistance of our faithful people.

Every nation, over the course of history, that presents selfless sacrifice in defense of their sacrosanct principles and in pursuit of freedom by duly performing their duty towards protecting and securing their values with sacrifice of life and wealth will ultimately and morally deserve to reap the fruits of their struggle.

Our Muslim nation once waged a holy war against soviet invaders and gave great sacrifices for freedom and an Islamic system, and then again guided the most lopsided invasion in history of mankind (US-led invasion of Afghanistan) to the threshold of victory with the Help of Allah (SwT). Just as one objective of this Jihadic struggle is the liberation of our homeland, its second core objective is the establishment of an Islamic system conforming to the beliefs of the believing Afghan nation. But just as attempts were made to snatch away the dream of an independent Islamic system from the Afghans after the soviet defeat, efforts are again underway to rob the Afghans from the fruits of their twenty-year labor.

Irrespective of the law and standard of evaluation, it has become the lawful right of the believing people of Afghanistan to reap the fruits of their proud twenty-year struggle. This nation has paid an immense price and given unprecedented sacrifices for a sovereign Islamic system. It has endured martyrdom, displacement, imprisonment and unspeakable hardships – the blood and cost of which can only and only be repaid with an Islamic government.

Therefore, all foreign and internal parties that are still trying to obstruct the Islamic demand of the believing Afghan nation, are dismissing their aspirations, and are hoping to once again strip them of the fruits of Jihad and pave the way for the continuation of their corruption and unrest must reevaluate their policies. They need to understand that they are not facing a particular group or stratum, but are fighting against the sacred aspiration of the entire Afghan nation.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – in showing respect to the above sacred aspiration of the Afghans – has always exerted efforts to remove all barriers obstructing a sovereign Islamic government. We not only respect the demand for Islam and freedom of the Afghan nation, but their demand has always remained the focal point of our entire struggle. It is for this exact goal that the Islamic Emirate was founded, for which it waged a several-decade struggle and which (establishment of an independent Islamic system and attaining the aspirations of this Mujahid nation) continues to remain the basis for all its political and military endeavors till this very day.

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