September 27, 2022

Eighteen years of achievements?

Eighteen years of achievements?

While addressing a military graduation ceremony the other day, the Acting Defense Minister of Kabul Asadullah Khaled said “the Afghan people should not worry about Qatar talks because the Afghan military will not allow the 18-year achievements be sacrificed in the name of peace”.

This is not the first time that the puppets in Kabul have expressed their deep hatred for peace rather they have continuously shown their animosity towards it in the guise of preserving 18-year achievements and insistence upon presence of foreign troops to continue the war and killing of the Afghan people. The immediate need of the Afghan people is the safeguarding of their lives, honor, property, children, villages and mosques from the constant bombings, raids, drone strikes and persecution of the invaders and establishing peaceful and secure life in a sovereign country.

The need of the Afghan people is not that the corrupt, unfit, traitorous and servile puppets remain in power rather their demand is establishment of peace. If the cost of peace is the removal of these incompetent and illegitimate rulers than such a fate cannot be avoided. The people do not wish to sacrifice peace at the cost of and for the desires of the puppet rules and this is a fact that the Kabul administration knows too well.

What does Asadullah Khaled consider 18-year achievements? No one knows, but perhaps he means the ongoing 18-year slaughter of the Afghan people, the vicious cycle of night raids on Afghan homes, holding international records in corruption, the narcotics production which went from zero to world-leading under the rule of their masters. Perhaps his 18-year achievements is the ruthless violence of CIA and black-water mercenaries that stops at nothing against the innocent or perhaps it is the murder of a pro-regime commander a few kilometers from the Presidential Palace where the supposed Commander in Chief (president) remains unaware and is afraid to even ask question. Maybe he means holding fraudulent elections? If there ever was a decent man in his place, he would have drowned in shame but again, perhaps Asadullah Khalid considers his shameful, anti-Islamic and anti-Afghan audio clip with prostitute and the obscenity within the government as 18-year achievements?

The Afghan people have not seen anything other than such over the course of eighteen years even as billions of dollars supposed came yet 70% of Afghans still live below the poverty line and hundreds of thousands of foreign forces came in the name of security yet the residents of Kabul remain at the mercy of thieves in broad daylight.

Such incompetent and puppet officials will most definitely express their hatred for the hopes of peace of the Afghan people under the guise of 18-year achievements but such shall never transpire. Peace will return even if these rulers have to go back to where they came from, Allah willing.


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