December 05, 2022

Education authorities meet heads of Madrasas

Education authorities meet heads of Madrasas

PAKTIKA, May 8 – The authorities of the Education & training had separate meetings with the heads and administrators of the Madrasas (Institutes of the Islamic Education) of in Wazi Khwa district of Paktika province on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 12th and 13th of the month of blessed Ramadan coinciding with the 16th and 17th of Sowr (Taurus).

The meeting was attended by the heads, principals and administrators of Madrasas and schools.

The meeting was aimed at taking necessary measures to speed up the educational process and reopen the educational institutions.

Participants were provided with the syllabus of the Madrassas and schools as well as 20-article procedure regarding Madrasas and schools’ 51-article procedure, while recommendations were made concerning their implementation .

Similarly, the participants were recommended to make their personnel aware of the fact that they need to train and educate sons of the nation as per their sacred duty towards Islam and society.

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