December 05, 2022

Education authorities meet heads of Madrasas

Education authorities meet heads of Madrasas

LOGAR, May 8 – The authorities of the Education & training met with the heads of the Madrasas (Institutes of the Islamic Education) of in Charkh district of Logar province on Monday, the 11th of the month of blessed Ramadan coinciding with the 15th of Sowr (Taurus).

The aim of the meeting was to further develop and improve the educational process of the Madrasas.

Ulama (scholars) and education authorities gave compressive talks on different topics.

During the speeches, the principles and rules of education were elaborated on and the heads and administrators of the institutes were encouraged to better train the new generation both educationally and ethically.

The heads and administrators were appreciated for their service and efforts and were encouraged to continue their efforts to further illuminate the candle of the knowledge so as to offer the society a well- educated generation in the time to come.

Toward the ending of the meeting, the latest revised curriculum, school syllabus, annual lesson plans, and other administrative materials were distributed.


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