November 28, 2022

Education authorities meet heads of educational institutions

Education authorities meet heads of educational institutions

 PAKTIKA, May 28 – The Islamic Emirate’s regional education officials of Paktika province had meetings with heads of the educations institutions in 6 districts of the province including Charbaran, Omna, Gomal, Sarobi, Sarhowza and Onka to discuss the education related issues.

The meeting was attended by the heads, principals and administrators of Madrasas and schools.

The participants were provided with the syllabus of the schools, a 20-article code of conduct for Madrasas, and a 51-article code of conduct for schools, whereas necessary recommendations were made regarding their implantation and some of the important articles of the code of conduct were explained to them.

Likewise, the attendees were also advised to direct their respective personnel to furnish the children of the nation with sound Islamic and modern education in line with their Islamic and sacred responsibility.

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