November 29, 2022

Economic Deputy of PM Meets Chinese Ambassador to Kabul

Economic Deputy of PM Meets Chinese Ambassador to Kabul

KABUL, Oct. 26 – Alhaji Mulla Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund, Economic Deputy Prime Minister of the IEA met with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Afghanistan, Mr. Wang Yu on Thursday.

Implementation of major economic projects between Afghanistan and China have been discussed in details.

Honorable deputy PM while noting historical relations between China and Afghanistan and the Islamic Emirate wants to further develop these relations.

China currently has the best position in the world economic forum and the Islamic Emirate wants the Chinese government to invest in Afghanistan, said the deputy PM adding that, Afghanistan has vast natural resources and now a safe environment has been created in Afghanistan.

Mr. Baradar asked China to include Afghanistan in the “One Belt One Road” project.

Chinese Ambassador Wang Yu expressed to further develop China’s relations with Afghanistan and supports the new government in any situation.

According to him, China is planning to start practical work on the projects that were started by China, as well as other big projects that are funded by the World Bank or the Asian Development Bank.

He also assured to restart the incomplete project and said China want the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to share information about the projects that are their priority, so that they can make a plan for investment in this area.

The Chinese ambassador also added that his country is ready to continue its bilateral cooperation and relations with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and will not refrain from any efforts in this regard.

In the end, the deputy PM said the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan assures China of removing all the concerns they have about the incident from the territory of Afghanistan.

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