January 28, 2023

Deputy Economic PM Chairs Economic Commission Meeting

Deputy Economic PM Chairs Economic Commission Meeting

KABUL, Nov. 30 – Under the chairmanship of the Economic Deputy Prime Minister of the IEA, Honorable Alhaj Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund, regular meeting of the Economic Commission has been held at the Marmarin Palace today.

The meeting focused on several topics including land ownership near Prince Sarai and the construction of a commercial center on it.

After extensive discussion it is decided that under the leadership of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, professional engineers from the Ministry of City and Housing and Kabul Municipality, along with representatives of the office of deputy Economic PM , the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Investment Facilitation to examined construction map of the said commercial center in all aspects and submit a report to this commission.

Later, the report of the delegation sent to Balkh and Samangan provinces for the purpose of investigating coal and mining-related issues was heard and after discussion the Economic Commission entrusted the relevant ministries and agencies with the task of preparing a practical plan for the implementation of the recommendations in the report and submitting a report to the Economic Commission on their performance.

It was also decided that a joint committee should be formed from the relevant departments of the central ministries and agencies in the provinces under the leadership of a representative of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to monitor all the related affairs of the mines.

In meeting, there was also a discussion about preparing a plan for coal extraction and contracts. The joint delegation should review the report in the light of the report and share it with the economic assistance.

At the end of the meeting, there was a discussion on the plan prepared by the Ministry of Information and Culture regarding the transportation of the antiquities in Mes Aynak Mine and necessary instructions has been given to the relevant officials.

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