September 30, 2022

Easing life of Nation, central pillar of Islamic Emirate

Easing life of Nation, central pillar of Islamic Emirate

If we want to talk about the philosophy behind the creation of Islamic Emirate then we have to travel back twenty years earlier to the era of hardships and chaos gripping our country. After a number of warlords were overtook by lust of leadership and materialist desires and began a civil war following the triumph of sacred Jihad against communism, the whole nation was taken hostage by civil strife, corruption, pillage and insecurity which not only pushed a proud Muslim nation towards an eternal downfall but an Islamic country by the name of Afghanistan also faced complete disintegration.

The Islamic Movement of Taliban rose to put an end to the depraved era of chaos and anarchy, to free the oppressed from the tyrant, to restore peace, honor, prosperity and wellbeing to the people and emancipate the nation from strife and war.

While delving into this historic reality, we can observe that the Islamic Emirate was founded with the premier aim of stabilizing and easing the life of our desperate Muslim nation. Even though our nation and people are facing a great trial in the current circumstances – our land has been occupied and sacred Jihad is being waged in conformance with Islamic commands – the Islamic Emirate has striven with its utmost capability to ease the life of our people and taken every legitimate step in this regard.

The Islamic Emirate has established exemplary peace in areas under its control and has taken all necessary steps in works of common good, education, health and reconstruction. It has tried its utmost in the prevention of civilian casualties, the blessings of which have resulted in our Jihad becoming the conflict with the least amount of civilian casualties in our history.

And the enemy media still has the audacity of blaming the Islamic Emirate as the factor causing misery for the common folk. The Islamic Emirate once again demonstrated that it views easing life of the nation as a central pillar and a vital goal. The leader of Islamic Emirate decreed special orders for the Mujahideen on the 24th of Ramadan ordering that the Mujahideen halt all offensive operations against the domestic troops so that our nation can participate in the Eid festivities with complete confidence.

We must mention that our aim for our Muslim nation is such prosperity and wellbeing that they are able to have a vibrant and peaceful worldly life under the shade of golden Islamic commands all the while being able to meet Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment as true successful Momineen (faithful). We proved through the establishment of model security during our reign that peace and prosperity for our nation is our greatest objective however the invaders soiled the peaceful atmosphere of our nation with gunpowder and bombs and have snatched peace from our nation for a complete seventeen years.

The Islamic Emirate has a comprehensive policy of negotiations with the foreign occupiers to put an end to this war. It is hoped that the invaders will also officially recognize a peaceful life for our people and abandon the failed policy of using force so that our nation can achieve their goals and lasting peace.

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