November 30, 2022

Drug factory discovered, demolished in Paktia

Drug factory discovered, demolished in Paktia

PAKTIA, Nov. 16 – A drug factory discovered and destroyed by the security forces based on the detection report in Koti Sang area of ​​Zazai Ariub district of Paktia province on Tuesday said provincial Police Command in a statement.


7 people were arrested in connection with case and there were many drugs in the said factory said Munib Zadran, the spokesman of the police chief, in a newsletter sent to media.


Anti-narcotics officials say that 10 cartons and 2 canes of acid, 23 balers, 1 grain furnace, 64 packets of lime, 4 sacks of salt, 4 sacks of cement and a huge amount of mauve plant, which is used for production of glass and other items were destroyed.

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