February 07, 2023

Dozens killed, 10 tanks destroyed

Dozens killed, 10 tanks destroyed

 GHAZNI, Oct. 20 –In the provinces’ Shalgar district, an enemy tank was destroyed in a roadside bomb blast in which 2 enemy soldiers were killed and 3 more sustained wounds, whereas an enemy soldier was shot and wounded in a sniper attack.

In a similar attack in the province’s Gilan district, a roadside bomb blast struck an enemy tank, killing or wounding all those aboard.

In another report, over 6 puppets were killed with 5 tanks destroyed in Shalgar district Shalgar district of Ghazni province, while 2 tanks were destroyed with several more suffering casualties in Mujahideen attacks in Ghazi city and Gilan district of the province.

In another report from Ghazni, an unknown number of the enemy military personnel in Jaghato district of Ghazni province.

In the province’s Maqur district, 2 Arbakis were killed and 1 got hurt with 2 tanks destroyed in Mujahideen attacks.

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