October 05, 2022

Dostum and perverted values of invaders…!!

Dostum and perverted values of invaders…!!
he media recently published images and news of Commander of NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan General Scott Miller alongside his puppet minister Assadullah Khalid meeting with Abdul Rashid Dostum in Jowzjan. “Security issues and our programs for future operations were discussed in the meeting,” Khalid said. However, despite claims of security in the north being the subject of discussion, the reality is that Gen. Miller went to resolve issues relating to the sham elections .
In support of Dr. Abdullah, Gen. Dostum had recently threatened his rival Ashraf Ghani. He had said that he would never lay down arms before Ashraf Ghani and that he would prefer death over laying down arms before a dictator. He further stated that Ashraf Ghani should know that he will spoil the situation more than since the time of Dr. Najib for him. As a result, the Commander of the occupying army, Gen. Miller, reached Dostum to help reconcile between his quislings and had a photo-taking session with them.
All are acquainted with the disreputable character and deeds of Dostum. He is the killer of thousands of innocent people and a criminal that remains unhesitant to continue his misdeeds. A recent shameful case of his which surfaced is the Eshchi matter. Unfortuantely, no-one has the authority nor courage to touch this case. After all, Dostum has received the go-ahead from an individual like Miller.
From this are exposed the different sets of morality America has in its own land and when in Afghanistan. While in April 2016 Dostum was barred from visiting America as vice president of Afghanistan, in Afghanistan he continues to be honoured by American invaders. The New York Times had written regarding the abovementioned incident, “American officials do not want to be seen with him, one [American official] said.” This clearly is not the case in Afghanistan. The reality is clear: America is prepared to violate its own laws and values in countries suffering from its brutality.
The Afghan people are fully aware of American double standards. They are also aware that the Americans are bent upon attacking their values. As for the quislings, they should know that America is only using their services temporarily and they shall be discarded and humiliated when seen fit. Therefore, they should employ reason and abandon thhis humiliating alliance.

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