November 30, 2022

Districts taken over in country’s east

Districts taken over in country’s east

KUNAR, July 27 – The administrative building of Nari district along with all the adjoining military installations, checkpoints and bases were taken over.

Similarly, over 100 enemy personnel were taken prisoner and several more were killed, while 50 more fled to the neighboring countries.

Moreover, Mujahideen seized from the enemy’s possession 416 heavy and light weapons and a great deal of ammunition as well as 100 tanks and military vehicles.

In reports from neighboring Nuristan province, Mujahideen seized control of 9 military posts, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy.

In Nuristan province’s Bargamtal district, Mujahideen fighters took over the district of Bargamtal and its checkpoints and police headquarters in the series of Mujahideen latest victories.

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