October 01, 2022

District military chief meets with tribal elders

District military chief meets with tribal elders
KUNAR, Aug. 6 – The military head of the district of Ghaziabad, Kunar province, Qari Zia ur Rahmad met with the tribal elders and renowned people in a village of the aforesaid district.

In the meeting, both sides exchanged views on ways to resolve the existing problems and ensure better progress in the future.

He also briefed the participants on the policies and decrees of the Islamic Emirate and asked them to prevent their youths from working for the Kabul regime  so that they would not be killed in the war and that they might no longer have orphans or let the parents cry.

The  villagers saw the meeting as a useful and  effective move, and  assured the delegation of their cooperation,  wishing to do what they can do to end the war and establish a strong Islamic system.

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